Your New Systematic Literature Review

Use our Templates and Approved Process to Conduct Bullet-Proof Literature Reviews In-House

A Complete Road-map for Literature Search and Review

Literature Review has gotten more complex, and thanks to EU MDR the requirements have never been more strict. Our Literature Review Pack gives you the materials and confidence to conduct your own Reviews that will pass even the toughest scrutiny.

Complete Templates and Documentation

Receive all of our Template Word Docs to structure your Review. Our included Documentation and Instructions set are comprehensive and easy to follow.

Our Process Gets Approved

We have never had our process scrutinized or rejected by a Notified Body for concerns of thoroughness, quality, or adherence to current regulations.

Seamless integration

into your Clinical Evaluation Report or PMS Documents.

Our Clients Say

Do You Need a Literature Review?

If You Are:

Re-certifying your device from Meddev to MDR

Updating your Clinical Evaluation Reports

Have received Notified Body Non-Conformities relating to your Clinical Evaluation

Then your Systematic Literature Review process needs to be updated to conform with the latest guidance documents and standards. Global and comprehensive searches are required for all device classifications.

Looking for Full Service?

If your team is already stretched too thin, consider using our Full Service Literature Review. Our quality and delivery timelines are unmatched in the industry. Start your project today!

Everything You Need to Guarantee a Perfect Literature Review

Detailed Search Protocol

Our entire process is laid out with written and video training materials.

Which Databases?

How to determine exactly which Databases need to be searched for the best results with your device.

Crafting the Perfect Search

How to find and build the perfect search term queries.

Article Classification

Get an exact decision-tree for how to read, classify, and interpret your search results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this package teach me how to conduct the Systematic Literature Review?

Yes! Much more than templates, we include complete instructions and videos detailing every aspect of the review. You will not need any other instruction to conduct, write, and complete your Literature Review.

Does this include access to your CiteMed Systematic Literature Review Dashboard?

No, this process and templates are designed to be conducted entirely on your own and no use of our software is required. If you would like to speed things up further, contact us to test drive our software.

Will you answer questions and support us during our review?

We do not include any hours of support in this package, however assistance and gap-analysis is always available for order should you decide your team wants additional support.

The Price of Delays

Regulatory Staff’s

Let your CER writer’s focus on the draft while we deliver the clinical literature search.

Loss of market share
to competition

Don’t lose precious ground to competitors already operating the EU markets.

Time to market

Lost Revenue
Even the smallest oversights can lead to endless correspondence with your Notified Body (who is flooded with work and will be even slower to respond)

Take Control of Your Literature – Pricing

For a single payment of $1,999,
you receive the following:

EU MDR Ready Literature Review Templates and Process

Complete Training Instructions and Videos for Your Staff

Free Subscription to Future Updates and Improvements

With our Literature Review Pack, you will take control of your Literature Process and be assured that the work your are submitting is of the caliber required by EU MDR (or any global Regulation)

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