Vigilance Monitoring on AutoPilot

Consistent and comprehensive reporting of Adverse Events and Recall data for your entire device portfolio

Your Vigilance Data in One Place

It’s a full time job searching and compiling Adverse Event Data for all of your medical devices each month, quarter,
and year. With the Cite Medical Vigilance Module, all of your data (reviewed by the team) is accessible in one single

Medical Device Vigilance
Global Data Sources

Our team and system can collect your Adverse Event
data from any desired databases.

Vigilance Reports on Any Interval

Our team can search and review on timeframes as short as Weekly, or as long as Yearly.

Online Dashboard

View all data, finalized vigilance reports,
and trending analysis online.

Our Clients Say

Worry-Free EU MDR Compliance

1. Searching and Data Ingress

CiteMed (Through Automation and Careful Human Auditing) Collects Adverse Event Data from all of your chosen global sources

2. Expert Review of All Search Results

Our team of medical writers reviews the results and classifies any relevant Events for you to be included in the next Vigilance Report. (this is optional).

3. All Results Made Visible on Your Dashboard

Search results as well as our team’s reviews/classifications are immediately available for you to access on your CiteMed Dashboard.

4. Vigilance Report Document Is Delivered

On your chosen time interval, CIteMed delivers an Adverse Event Report to you via email and accessible directly on your CiteMed Dashboard.

All Your Vigilance Data In One Place

If You Are:

Short on staff and resources to conduct multiple Vigilance reports every quarter.

Perfectionists that want a consistent system and operating procedure to satisfy Post Market Surveillance requirements.

In need of a single centralized platform to securly store your AE Reports and trending data over time.

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What’s Included in Your Vigilance Reports?

Trending Data

Trending Data (based on search results, and your previous reports)

Result Counts

Summary Table and Count of All Results by Data Source

Expert Filtered Search Results

List of Relevant Adverse Events/Recalls Retrieved

Full Search Archive

Full Appendix of All Search Results. Archived

Your Vigilance Reporting Plan Starts Today

The Price of Delays

Regulatory Staff’s

Let your CER writer’s focus on the draft while we deliver the clinical literature search.

Loss of market share
to competition

Don’t lose precious ground to competitors already operating the EU markets.

Time to market

Lost Revenue
Even the smallest oversights can lead to endless correspondence with your Notified Body (who is flooded with work and will be even slower to respond)