Cost Savings of Literature Searches in Your CER

By Published On: July 24th, 2019Categories: Literature Search and Literature Review

Cost Savings of Literature Searches in Your CER

MDR Date Of Application


We recently had a client that wanted to weigh the option of outsourcing their entire CER project overseas to more attractively priced writing teams.  We looked into several firms, and based on our experience with them have priced out the following scenarios to emphasize the importance of speed and accuracy when completing your CER.

The majority of the CE Marking filing requirements are documents your firm likely already has available/in place.  It’s the CER that is a more recent strict requirement. Like anything involving research and subjective writing, it can often be the most time consuming piece of your submission to get right. 

If you are a stakeholder who’s responsible for bringing product to market and generating revenue, then the CER and more specifically the Literature Search component should be at the top of your list to improve efficiency.

Time vs. Cost Comparison

Let’s take a look at the table below that outlines a ‘cheaper’ option compared to CiteMed’s cost structure.  A few things become quite obvious:

  1. A surprisingly large amount of time is spent in ‘revisions/errors’ for external contract teams.   This is often due to language issues, and downright carelessness of offshore contractors. The result, is more labor required of your team (to review and correct mistakes)
  1.   The second clear observation to be made is the overall amount of revenue that is potentially lost by elongating the research/CER phase and pushing your go-to market date backwards.  
manufacturers literature


For even a relatively small grossing product, 2 months of missed market time result in a substantial loss that does not offset the costs saved by opting for cheaper labor in the research phase.   

It’s because of this value analysis that we have invested so much in streamlining our proprietary Research Management System.  The RMS cuts time to submission and ultimate market approval while also reducing the burden on your full-time staff.   

By working with the CiteMed team, your firm can streamline a critical component of the CE marking process and directly improve the annual EU revenue figures of your new product.

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