CiteMedical Partnership

CiteMedical LLC would like to offer individuals or business owners the opportunity to become partners with CiteMedical and gain the opportunity for monetary compensation.

Excerpt from
partnership agreement


This Agreement is valid 1 year after the date of signature.

This Agreement is subject to the attached terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”), which are a part of this Agreement.  By executing this Agreement, Participant agrees to be bound by those terms and conditions.


CiteMedical offers the CiteMedical Partner Program (“CiteMedical Partner Program”) as a way to enable eligible participants to:

• Provide information to potential CiteMedical customers about the CiteMedical products and services (the “CiteMedical Service”) in order for customers to better understand the value proposition and adopt the service
• Provide CiteMedical with (“Referrals”) of potential prospects for CiteMedical’s consideration and receive compensation in the amount of 5% of total contract value from that referral
• Work closely with the CiteMedical team, providing feedback on CiteMedical’s products, and gaining early access to new product releases and features, and influencing CiteMedical’s future product direction; and
• Receive any other CiteMedical Partner Program benefits as CiteMedical may provide to participants from time to time in connection with the CiteMedical Partner Program.

How to sign up

  • Simply go to this link and enter your details

  • You will shortly receive the full agreement to review and sign through DocuSign
  • CiteMedical will review the application and accept or reject
  • Congratulations, you’re a partner and can submit referrals as below

How to Submit Referrals

  • Simply go to this link and enter the required information
  • CiteMedical will be in contact with the prospect to attempt to close the deal
  • You will be informed of progress of the referral

    • If it is accepted and moved to a sales rep
    • If it is won by CM
      • Value of your compensation following project closure
    • When the project is completed
    • If it is lost by CM